13 August 2009

Contest: Laptops for Flattops

Hey, All,

I got a message about a contest for troops' families:

All-American Direct


An online retailer, is going to give away two laptops and webcams to contest winners, so that a family at home can have video conferences with their deployed troop.

Families can enter the contest here:


The contest is over 4 SEP so pass it on to military families you know. I really appreciate it when companies take notice of the sacrifice that families are making when a troop deploys.

I couldn't have made it without email when I was away. It was my lifeline to home, family, and friends. M. and I tried the video conference once. I went to the MWR room in the hospital, signed my life away to check out a webcam that had been authorized for the government computer, and waited for a booth. The connection kept coming in and out, and it was a choppy conversation, so we decide that simple email was good enough for us! It was actually more reliable than the phone lines. For two deployments, our laptops were our conduit of contact.

I would love to hear from others how they kept in touch while they were apart. Post it here in the comments!

Here's a shot of the MWR facility in the old tent hospital from which I sent many a longing email.

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