19 December 2014

Consider taking a moment to vote for our children's hospital

Please consider taking a moment to vote for our children's hospital. Credit Union Direct will donate $20,000 to the hospital that gets the most votes. You can vote once each day for the rest of the month. If we win, the money can go to resources and supplies to help children in our community. 

click on:


click "vote now", search for PA hospitals, and pick Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital. We need all the votes we can get! 

Thank you!

21 July 2014

Our new textbook: Pediatric Surgery - Diagnosis and Treatment

I am happy to announce that our new textbook has just been published! Our mission was to gather together useful information for practitioners at the bedside caring for children who may be in need of an operation. We had the good fortune to draw on the collective knowledge of the many specialists at the Janet Weis Children's Hospital, making the work a true multidisciplinary collaborative effort. It is a book to be used in action trying to help an individual child.

For those interested, here is the Amazon page for our book:


It is our hope that it helps out many children!