11 January 2011

Help my brother Adam to help veterans!

I want to tell you about the amazing mission on which my brother Adam and sister-in-law Christy have just embarked.


They will spend the next year biking through all 50 states to raise money for two important causes: helping injured veterans rehabilitate and helping families in Africa without transportation. They started in San Diego on Saturday and have made it as far as Cleveland National Forest.

They are raising money to purchase hand-powered bicycles for use by veterans who have had leg amputations after combat injuries. They are working with the Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans of Achilles International. Achiles International has been helping injured veterans rehabilitate and even complete marathons. They work with veterans treated at Walter Reed, Brooke Army Medical Center, and Balboa Medical Center.

They will also be raising money to donate bikes to families in Africa for whom a bike can mean the chance to get to a job, move good to and from market, and the ability to achieve access to health care through World Bicycle Relief

You can donate to their mission here:

and check their website for opportunities to sponsor a specific day, a state, or a region of the country:


You can follow Adam and Christy's progress on

twitter: http://twitter.com/giveabike