24 July 2010

Pets 2 Vets (#27)

When I was working in DC, I belonged to the American Legion, Post #8, right in the evening shadow of the Capitol Building. It was a great bunch of guys, and even though I haven't set foot in there for 8 years now, I still get the post communication. Now I'm associated with the post here in town.

Last week I got the message from DC that the post was honoring David Sharpe, founder of Pets2Vets, by choosing his organization to receive proceeds from the 2010 Poppy Drive.

Pets 2 Vets helps veterans (and homeless animals too) by pairing veteran soldiers and emergency personnel with animal companions. Animals have an incredible therapeutic effect. I have seen it first hand in many of the hospitals where I have worked. Nothing makes a recovering child (or grown up child) perk up and forget their aches and pains for a moment than a visit from a friendly furry medical working dog with tail wagging.

Pets 2 Vets is focusing this uplifting effect on our nation's wounded heroes suffering from traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder, and other wounds.

Visit their website to learn more and see if you would be interested in becoming involved.