08 February 2011

Take a Soldier Fishing! (29/365)

Just received the below newsletter from Take a soldier fishing!


I met Mike Nashif on a Wheelers for the Wounded ride in Marble Falls Texas. He continues to be totally gung ho about helping veterans, families, and kids. His organization organizes fishing trips for troops, and for the big get togethers, he organizes fishing tournaments. In the news letter below you can check out the upcoming events: pay special attention to the battle of the branches to see which of the branches can pull the best line!

(***** Take a Soldier Fishing Newsletter Below *****)

Hello Everyone and welcome to our first newsletter of 2011. This newsletter is designed to keep you in mind and up to date with any of the changes that we have made or help promote an upcoming event. The only reason that TASF exists today is because of our many volunteers and supporters that have the same drive to support our Soldiers in a different way. We truly are helping to change lives, one fishing trip at a time. Don't pass it on to your friends or family to be the one to show support - get involved. This year you have the option to sign up as a fisherman, pleasure boater, or a PWC donor as well as a general volunteer. You can get involved and you can make a difference in a Soldiers life.

Working Warriors Tournament Series
This year we have kicked off 2011 with our new tournament series that is dedicated to our Soldiers and designed to help raise funds to offset any costs we may have to hold an event. The money raised goes to ensure that all of our events remain free for the soldiers and their families that attend. If you would like to start your own Working Warriors Tournaments to help Take a Soldier Fishing raise funds then please contact us at info@takeasoldierfishing.com
So far we have had 3 tournaments with a total of 23 teams and have raised over $400 to help soldiers. The next Tournament is going to be this weekend hosted by Media Bass on February 12, 2011. Media Bass scheduled their tournament with Jackson Hill Marina and has also decided that they will be able to have at least 5 teams that would like to participate in the Working Warriors Tournament as well. By doing this, Media Bass has become our Host Club for this tournament. It is simple and easy to do and it doesn't just have to be bass fishing. If your club likes to Crappie fish or go catfishing - your club can become a Host for Working Warriors.





Please send donations to:

Take a Soldier Fishing

1705 FM 2851

Broaddus, Tx 75929

Battle of the Branches

Our first ever Battle of the Branches tournament will be held this year on beautiful Sam Rayburn in Deep East Texas. The host park is being donated by Angelina County for the event to be held at Cassels-Boykin Park to be held on Veteran's Day weekend of 2011. The actual dates of the tournament are November 12 & 13, 2011 and the entry fee is $150. The Battle of the Branches is only open to members of the Armed Forces. This means that if you have ever served our Country and have a Valid Military ID card or a DD214, you may participate. You may visit us on the web at www.battleofthebranches.org for more information, rules, and to sign up.

Schedule of Events for 2011

Feb. - 5 - Working Warriors

Feb. - 18 - 20 - TASF Sam Rayburn - 40 Single Soldiers

Feb. - 26 - Working Warriors


Mar. - 5 - Working Warriors - Hosted by Media Bass

Mar. - 12 - Working Warriors

Mar. - 26 - Working Warriors


Apr. - 23 - Working Warriors


May - 8 - 13 - TASF In Harm's Way Sitka AK - 20 Wounded Soldiers DFW Airport

May - 15 - 20 - TASF In Harm's Way Sitka, AK - 20 Wounded Soldiers Ft. Lewis, WA

May - 14 - TASF Lake Barkley, KY - 50 Soldiers - Ft. Campbell, Ky

May - 20 - 22 - Warriors Weekend - 100 Wounded Soldiers (Ft. Hood/Ft. Polk) - Port O'Connor, TX

May - 28 - 29 - Working Warriors Family Tournament


June - 3 - 5 - TASF Sam Rayburn Texas - 20 Families - Jackson Hill Marina

June - 4 - 6 - TASF Henry Hagg Lake, Oregon - 40 Soldiers

June - 11 - Working Warriors - Hosted by Media Bass

June - 10 - 12 - TASF Lake Fork Texas - 30 Single Soldiers/15 Families - Mustang Resort


July - 2 - Working Warriors

July - 15 - 17 - TASF Lake Ray Roberts, Texas - Family Camping - Isle DuBois State Park

July - 23 - Working Warriors


August - 6 - Working Warriors


Sept. - 10 - Working Warriors

Sept. - 16 - 18 - TASF Naples, Florida - 50 Soldiers

Sept. - 23 - 25 - TASF Sam Rayburn, Texas - 40 Single Soldiers - Jackson Hill Marina


Oct. - 8 - TASF Montauk, New York - 40 Soldiers

Oct. - 29 - 30 - Working Warriors - Championship Tournament


Nov. - 12 - 13 - Battle Of The Branches - Military Bass Tournament - $150 entry - Cassells Boykin County Park

Nov. - 16 - 18 - TASF Texoma, Texas - 50 single Soldiers - Tanglewood Resort

Nov. - 16 - 18 - Single Families Turkey Dinner - 22 Families from Ft. Polk, LA - Jackson Hill Marina

Schedule may change without notice for any reason. Please check our website for the latest changes or additions to our schedule.

All with all non profits we are always in need of money, time, products, services or just about any other kind of donation you can think of. This year make a difference in a soldiers life by donating your time and be a volunteer boater. Just think, you could be the person in a soldiers life that could be the deciding factor to keep that soldier from committing suicide. A kind heart and an empty boat seat is all it takes. Even if you don't catch any fish, you just made a friend for life and a new memory. You can make a difference, just like we do, one fishing trip at a time. So please donate what you can to help us change lives. If you don't fish but have a pleasure boat, you too can get involved. Sign up as a volunteer and let us know how you want to help.