23 December 2009

My friend is awesome! 21/365


Today I want to tell you about my friend M. who has found a very selfless and vital way to help the troops.

M. is a Clinical Psychologist, and he has had a civilian practice for years. We recently found out he decided to take his family to Germany and work as a civilian contractor for the military. He will be providing his expertise and pyschological counseling skills to those in the military in need of help. His abilities will be very welcome and will help so many who are going through the worst crisis they will ever face in their lives. When I went to Iraq, I went because that was the destination written on my deployment orders. I can't say I would have gone of my own volition. That is why I am so impressed with M. and so proud to be his friend.

Best of luck, M., and thank you so much to you and your family!