18 February 2011

Radio interview with WPSU's Patty Satalia (and way 30/365)

Here is an interview I just did with Patty Satalia of WPSU broadcasting:


It was a nice chance to talk about the book again, and so much time has passed since my deployment that it was a moment to reflect on how different my life is now.

M told me that deployments were becoming a distant memory, and it was harder to remember all the details. It's true for me too that I think of it less often, but when I do, it is still so vivid, and I can even smell the beef jerky and bad coffee if I concentrate! When I dream about it, it seems so real. (But with my schedule I don't dream that often!)

Every day I see how much easier it is here at Geisinger to take care of children. I'm surrounded by a wonderful support staff, I live a mile from the hospital, and all I have to worry about is giving my best for kids every day. It's also great working with two additional pediatric surgeons; I can always call on a skilled set of eyes, hands, and brains to consult when I get into tall grass.

In other exciting news...

My brother Adam and sister-in-law Christy have biked through 4 states in the past month making amazing progress in their year long 50-state bike tour, "GIVE A BIKE".

Donations to their cause help veterans: they are raising money to help buy hand-pedalled bikes for veteran amputees through Achilles International Wounded Warriors Team.

Read about it here:


Here is one of their videos:

GIVE A BIKE 50 State Tour Teaser from Adam Coppola on Vimeo.