22 August 2009

Don't miss out on veterans, universities!

(Pic: Graduating with friends at Norwich: a shool that lives and breathes military)

M. found me an article that spread the disappointing news that many colleges and universities are ignoring veterans' experience when it comes to granting academic credits:


The article is very interesting. One nuclear sub operator was told he had to repeat basic physics and ended up teaching the professor points of practical application, and another was told that jump school didn't count for a PE credit when other students could write it off with a SCUBA class in the pool.

When it came time for me to use my GI Bill benefits to get my MBA, I had lots of choices (and I saw an online Ad from University of Phoenix about every 42 seconds.) I had no trouble deciding: I went straight to Norwich University in Vermont: it is the birthplace of the ROTC and alumni have served in all wars including OIF.


They had no problem accepting military documents and communications: they even arranged to have my exams administered by the library/education office in Iraq!

Universities will miss out on the best and brightest if they do not recognize the value of veterans and their experience. Troops are practical enough they will go elsewhere.

The article highlighted two resources:

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges: a DOD funded consortium of colleges that have pledged to accept military service as credit where applicable.


and Student Veterans of America, an organization founded by an AF veteran to advance the aims and interests of former troops in school.



  1. Very interesting, Chris! I think there's a real snobbism when it comes to academia. There are many ways to "get knowledge" after all.

    If you want to send me an ARC, email me at easywriter101@gmail.com and I"ll provide you with all the info.

    I review books for blogcritics and also will cross post on the LA Times Pressmen site (where it's read by loads of newspaper people) and the gamut of other online publications. I also am starting to submit reviews to military magazines, such as the American Legion and will also try to submit to topic-oriented journals (would love to get something into the ACS, but that's difficult).
    Anyway, do let me know if you're running this through the publicist furnished through the publisher or through an independent publicity company. -Kanani

  2. It's not just schools- it's entire states! Years ago, I worked with an EMT who was in the Guard and did IVs and all of that. The state would not allow him to take the challenge exam to up his license because he hadn't gone through a course that taught those skills. DUH! Practice is better than "book learning".

    (Of course, we all know what it boils down to- loss of money! If you don't take the class, you don't have to pay for it. )


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