05 August 2009

Finding my way

I’ve spent the first week of my new job going from orientation to orientation. Today was a day-long class on the electronic medical record. It’s like learning a new language. But it’s worth it to be able to leave the paper record behind. This way when a patient comes in with an emergency at midnight, we don’t have to wait until their chart is retrieved from storage. It’s great to be starting my first civilian job, but it’s been an adjustment on many levels. It still feels weird to walk around outside without wearing cover. Even at home, there are little reminders of my former military life. Every night at 2100 the church across the street chimes the hour then plays Taps. I feel the urge to stand at attention when I hear the first few bars.

I still haven’t figured out how to get around the new hospital. On the way back from my computer-based training, I got lost trying to find the surgery office. At least I ended up in the cafeteria. I’m eager to finish this training and get back in the OR. I just hope I can find it!

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