29 August 2009

Help finding US made products

Got a great comment from the blog

Find US Made.com .

They were able to verify for me that Hershey had in fact moved production of chocolate to Mexico. If you visit their site, you will get to read a great story about how JC Penny's "American Made" line of apparel is produced in various countries, not the USA. The most shocking tid bit from the story: JC Penny's response was "The American Made slogan refers to the person wearing the item, not the item itself."


I've commented on this before. I've found it hard to buy USA when I wanted to. Most of the tools I find are made in China. Often there isn't even an option to buy American. I have found an alternative: hitting the tag sales and buying on Craigslist!


Last night, B. and I drove down to the capitol to buy five used tires and wheels from a guy we found on craigslist. It cost us $125 (and the set of wheels was almost worth that!) but we knew that we were buying American (at least from an American) and keeping those particular tires out of a land fill. Of course when we took the old wheels off the Cherokee, there on the drum was stamped the letters "Made in Argentina", but what can you do!

So I ask my fellow Americans, do what you can to keep jobs in the USA. Buy USA!

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  1. When I lived in Calais (on the Maine-Canadian border) MANY years ago (even before we were screwed by NAFTA!), I couldn't find "Made in America" items. So I would drive to St. Stephen, New Brunswick to buy "Made in America" items, then bring them back to Calais. I always thought that was so weird....

    About 10 years ago, I was able to find linens (towels, sheets, washcloths) and bath mats at JC Penny that were made in America. I went back last year and couldn't find any.


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