02 November 2009

16/365 Save a veteran's life

Veteran deaths due to suicide have surpassed combat deaths in OIF.

An estimated 18 of the 25 million US veterans commits suicide every day.


This is over 5000 suicides each year.

Ask the hard questions.

Look out for your wingman. Look out for your family.

Call if you or someone you love needs help.

National Suicide Prevention hotline: (800)-273-TALK (8255).

Connect with people who understand what you are going through at Not Alone:


See videos based on troops lost to suicide, learn the signs at Wingman Project


They've been heroes for us, be a hero for them.

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  1. In Australia I suspect we're going to see some similar spikes in anger management and suicides among our returning peacekeepers. Timely post.


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