19 January 2010

Thanks for the great knitting comments! 22, 23 / 365

I was really happy to have found the Ships Project:

The organization sends knitted goods, "little hugs from home" to troops deployed overseas. I have heard from many people whose lives have been touched by the mission in a positive way, including the founder.

Respondents sent in two other great connections for people who want to help:

Socks for Soldiers sends shipments of warm toasty knitted socks to troops:

For those who quilt: Quilts of Valor helps bring together those who sew, longarmers, and even those who can't sew but want to contribute to help send warm quilts to injured troops:

I still haven't found a UK organization for citizens who want to knit for troops, but people have suggested working with The Ships Project to start a UK chapter, or look for groups on the knitting forum - Ravelry:

Believe me, these handmade works of love and art are really appreciated.

Here's a piture of a baby blanket that M. sent to me. It went to good use when a baby was born at the hospital in Iraq after her mother was injured by gunfire and went into early labor.

Take care and keep knitting!

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  1. Ah, if only I were a better knitter. I remember reading the story of that baby blanket - it's what got me hooked on your blog.

    I don't know if you've seen this yet or not, so I thought I'd pass it along. I saw Balad in the title and thought of you. It has to do with that notorious burn pit you talked about.




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