03 February 2010

Book Signing: FRI 5 FEB 5pm at Otto Book Store, Williamsport, PA

This Friday, I have a book signing at Otto Bookstore in Williamsport, PA. It will be on 5 FEB from 5-8pm.

Otto is an amazing store. They are exactly as they describe: "A book Lover's Paradise"!

Last weekend I went with two of the boys to meet the crew and check out the establishment. Of course we walked out with three books! I even found a discounted copy of "Wishful Drinking" by Carrie Fisher for a fraction of cover price.

Otto is located on 107 W. Fourth St. in Williamsport, and their phone is: 1-888-762-4526.

Here is their website:


The signing will feature another author as well: Diane Keeler, author of "A Patient Friendly Resource for Epilepsy"


I am very thankful to Otto Bookstore owner Betsy Rider for kindly hosting me. She also wrote a great column about the book for the Williamsport paper. (I was inadvertently promoted to "head of pediatric surgery" in the article, but fortunately my boss didn't mind!)


I hope to see you at Otto on Friday!

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