25 May 2010

(picture from NYT)
I graduated Brown class of '90, so this year I've been 20 years out of college. I recently found out that a fellow class of 1990 alumnus is a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in International Journalism this year.
David Rohde was captured by the Taliban while reporting in Afganistan and was held for more that 7 months before he escaped from where he was being held in Pakistan.
The account of his captivity is riviting: it runs 7 parts in the New York Times:


  1. Chris
    I read this when it first came out. It is a fascinating and well written article. I am always amazed at journalists who put their lives at risk to get the true story out. He was extremely fortunate to survive, others have not been so fortunate.

  2. Once again, Chris, you've moved me to tears. Thanks for sharing such a moving tribute to someone so extraordinary.



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