05 June 2010

Please read this Washington Times . com article by Colleen Getz. She describes the scene at an airport gate when the family of a soldier killed in Afghanistan needed help from US citizens. I think you will be as shocked as I was.

Here is the article:


Here is how the article begins:

(Begin quote)

His name was Marine Lance Cpl. Justin Wilson - although I did not know it when his life brushed mine on March 25 at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Lance Cpl. Wilson was not there in the terminal that afternoon; at age 24 and newly married, he had been killed in Afghanistan on March 22 by a roadside bomb. A coincidence of overbooked flights led our lives to intersect for perhaps an hour, one I will never forget.

(End quote)

Lance Cpl. Justin Wilson with his parents.

(Picture source: tcpalm.com)

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