10 April 2012

I had to double check to be sure it was about me!

It is wonderful to talk with Dr. Hayden Hollingsworth. He has a kindness that befits an empathetic physician, and an easygoing calm and confidence that comes of experience. I appreciated hearing about his Army years because it resonated with memories of my duty, connecting me with another who did the best they could in the military machine. His review of my book was very generous and complimentary. It was a pleasure to read, and in fact far better than I deserve! I think he really could see what motivated me to write. If you are interested, here is a link to his article:


Check out Dr. Hollingsworth's book "A Woman of Distinction: From Hoopskirts to Airplanes" here:


It is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book journeys through the life of Sara Cobb Johnson, an Atlanta woman born at the end of the Civil war.

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