04 May 2012

National bike month

May is national bike month!

This is exciting to me for several reasons. First, my brother and sister-in-law, Adam and Christy, are on outreach for Bikesbelong, an organization that tries to establish safe access to biking for all Americans.

It was a natural move after they spent 2011 biking 12,000 miles through every state!


here is their tour route:


You can get involved by taking a moment to visit the People for Bikes website, which has lots of information about finding safe biking in your community, and it is easy to sign their petition to keep biking resources and routes available for all Americans:


It is also exciting because my family and I are trying to make biking a part of our lives every day. I bike as often as I can to work. (it's tough on the days when I have to wear a suit!) B. and I go mountain biking on the mountain behind Geisinger whenever we can. M. and I will use the tandem bike for some fun cross-training time together on our non-run days. G. and R. love to take a quick bike ride to the 5 and dime store in town for a candy treat! We can even handle simple errands like a stop at the grocery store on the tandem bike because we have a milk crate attached to the back with bungee cords.

It is healthy and fun for us, and by using less gas, it is good for the environment and in a teeny tiny way is helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil. So biking is even good for national security!

Since May is National Bike Month, it is a good opportunity to start to make biking a part of your life if you have been looking for an excuse.

Here are some national events:

You can search for events in your town here:


Bike Month

And the doctor in me says, HELMET!

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  1. Great Blog bro! Thanks for being a bike advocate with me! We are in NYC this weekend and it is amazing to see the bike culture here. I have always been impressed by the diversity of people in NYC and now I am totally impressed by the diversity of riders in the city... Bike commuters, recreation, delivery, messenger, racer, bmx, and even mountain bikers. On Sunday over 30,000 cyclists will take on the NYC streets to bike the 5boro bike tour. Psyched to see it all happen!
    I am so happy you have encouraged biking so much with the boyzz and have made it a big part of your life


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