14 December 2012

Help Fisher House for Free!

Here is a way you can help Fisher House for Free:

Vote for Fisher House to win 10 million flight miles from United:


or if you want a shortened link:


Just click on the link, and then on "Vote For Hero Miles"

How does Fisher House use frequent flyer miles? When an injured troop is at a military hospital, they use the miles to fly his or her family to visit them. For example, if a soldier is wounded in Afghanistan, after being stabilized, he would be flown to the military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. If his wife cannot afford a plane ticket to Germany, she will not be able to see him until he is safe enought to be flown back the the United States. Fisher House uses the frequent flyer miles to give that family a chance to be together as the soldier is treated for his wounds.

Here are more details on the Fisher House Hero Miles site:


You can vote every day until December 25th.

Please consider helping and share this link with friends.

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