07 September 2009

Ewe know it.

We have adopted a sheep. She is two years old, round and fat, and has beautiful wool. We've named her "Honeysuckle" for the rich warm honey color of her deeper coat. She's not grazing around the house, she's staying at her home on a local farm. M., the boys and I walked through her pasture and helped feed her corn today. The farm is a small affair, 100 or so acres with sheep, pigs, chickens, horses, and cows. The livestock are grass fed, and wander the fields freely. The farmers are also working on bees, and purple clover flowers are scattered across the pastures. The boys loved watching the pigs vie for space at the tub of milk. Chickens wandered across the dirt roads that took us from paddock to paddock. We look forward to visiting Honeysuckle again, and even getting her to see her lamb in the spring. Maybe there will be some grain fed pork along the way!

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