12 September 2009

The showers in Iraq still a danger

On September second, Adam Hermanson was electrocuted while taking a shower in Camp Olympia in the Green Zone in Iraq. He leaves behind a widow, and grieving family who never expected to lose their 25 year old veteran and patriot in this way. The story strikes close to home because the couple had been building a home in a community near our town.

Mr. Hermanson was an employee of Triple Canopy, which has taken many of the security contracts vacated by Blackwater. Before 2009, he served 6 years in the Air Force in Iraq and Uzbekistan, enlisting so young that he needed parental consent.

To add insult to injury, his family was given conflicting reports of how he died. A Triple Canopy represented told his mother he had collapsed by his bed and there was no explanation of how he had died. It was an embassy representative who told his wife that he had been electrocuted in the shower. Triple Canopy dismantled the plumbing in his room shortly after his death.

Since the electrocution death of Ryan Maseth, 20 months ago, there have been countless hearings and investigations with operation SAFE attempting to protect troops. There is no excuse for these preventable deaths. My thoughts and good wishes go out to his family.

An in depth article at the Nation:


Ms. Sparky as always has the most information on the topic, including an interview with his family:



  1. Chris-Thanks for helping us keep these tragic stories in the forefront by blogging about the, . It would appear the mainstream media has become bored with the topic. But because people continue to blog about it more and more people are coming forward with very important information.

    Ms Sparky

  2. Charges need to be brought against someone. Someone needs to be held accountable for these tragedies. This is a complete outrage! Yes, everyone, please keep blogging about this.

  3. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 09/14/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

  4. Oh no! Not again. It happens once, you fix it. Why has this not happened? If anything, it's gross negligence the first time --but now, it's homicide!


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