26 October 2009

(10/365) Help reservists by donating leave and sick days


Just a quick note today on this:

It is an incredible strain on reservists and guard troops when they have to pull up roots, disrupt family and work, and serve their duty on deployment. Although they have legal protection to keep them from losing their jobs outright, activation usually means a cut in pay, and time before and after deployment can suck up leave and sick days.

When I was active duty, I could usually arrange with very understanding colleagues (who had deployed many times themselves!) to massage a few days of vacation before deployment, and our commander always made sure we had the chance for two weeks of "reconstitution time" with families upon redeployment home.

It may not be so easy in the civilian workplace!

So, this is a chance to help out those who are defending all of us. If a coworker is deploying, consider donating leave days/sick days to allow them time with family before and after their tour. For bosses, do what you can to make their transition in and out of deployment as easy as possible.

These generous gestures are definitely noticed and appreciated! It is a way we all, civilian or military, can do our part.

Have fun!


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