24 October 2009

Crawl for the Cure

Whoa, been a busy week! Haven't had much chance to report on the weekend! (last weekend that is.)

Last Saturday, the boys and I headed to Rausch Creek Offroad Park in Tremont, PA to attend the NJ Jeeps Crawl for the cure to benefit Breast cancer research.


It was a muddy day, and actually snowed in the morning, but the trails were awesome.

The boys were eager to mount up and head out!

We took a position near the end of our column. We had picked a group that was tackling intermediate trails (We have no trailer, so we did have to keep the jeep in good enough condition to drive home.)

Our group of one YJ, three TJ's, two XJ's, our JK, and an old flattie was expertly led by Jen from NJ jeeps who soldiered on even after she broke her front axle spider gears on a rock obstacle.
The event was a huge success. There were about 300 participants riding in 150 rigs. We finished the day with a barbecue in the rain, and the boys even won a gift certificate to Hyline Offroad
We all got a kick out of the pink Crawl for the Cure jeep!

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