12 October 2009

Word from one who knows writing and the military

Today I received a wonderful comment on the book from a friend who is a writer and is very familiar with military family life.

"Pediatric Surgeon Christopher Coppola sprints in the first chapter with a no-holds barred account of his first day as a surgeon in a war zone hospital. With intensity and muscle, Coppola brings his readers along on a memorable journey as he recounts the children treated --the smallest victims of war. Coppola, an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, makes a strong case to ensure our combat zone hospitals aren't just for injured soldiers, but serve as a zone of safety, caring and training for everyone. Such acts of humanity go far to create the footing for a healthier society and diplomatic relations. A person of thoughtfulness and humility, Coppola keeps his eye on the long term."

-Kanani Fong, The Kitchen Dispatch: A Literary MilSpouse Blog

Check out Kanani's writing at her sites below. You'll thank me!

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