16 October 2009

Supporting troops (6/365) Care packages with AnySoldier

Man, did we love care packages! I remember when SP wrote a newsletter for his church. He told his fellow parishioners back home that we wanted Twizzlers and beef jerky. A few weeks later, we were swimming in the stuff! We had so much beef jerky that I made a big jerky dispenser and hung it on the wall in the surgeons' area. Long nights on call were a little easier when we could reach up and grab a bag of teryaki strips to gnaw on as we wrote the dressing plans and evacuation orders for our patients.

If you don't have a special troop of your own to send a package, just go to:


and they well send your package along to a deployed soldier who might not have someone sending them goodies. Just think how that soldier will feel when they get back after a dusty hot mission and there is a package waiting for them, just like Christmas.

Any Soldier was started by Sgt. Brian Horn in 2003. They can help suggest what to put in a care package. You can direct your gift to a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine. Whoever you choose, believe me it will be appreciated.

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