21 November 2009

Interview on NPR tomorrow (SUN)!

Tomorrow, on NPR's Weekend Edition, Sunday, Liane Hansen is airing our interview at 0920 AM! I'm very excited to hear how it turned out. I visited the studio to sit down with her and it was a great experience. However, I felt like an idiot because I didn't tell her how to pronounce my name and she had to re-record all the questions when I finally did.

Hope you enjoy it!



  1. You were articulate and moving in the NPR interview. It turned out really well -- so well that after I (random listener in NYC) heard it just now I immediately googled your name to find out more about the book. Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy soon. Thank you!

  2. Dear Friend,

    Thank you so much for this generous comment! It is very validating and comforting to know that my attempt to share the events I witnessed is reaching others. I hope you find the book easily and that you enjoy it.

    Best wishes,



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