14 November 2009

19/365 Bring a troop home for Thanksgiving: your home

When Meredith and I were in San Antonio, we knew we were living a few miles from the site where all the new Airmen were going through basic training. For those who did the 8 week course over November, they might be missing Thanksgiving with their family for the first time. Most of them are very young.

The base organized a program where local families could welcome basic trainees into their home for a Thanksgiving dinner. The two young women who came home with us were very quiet and respectful the whole time we had them over. They seemed so young, like the kids just out of high school that they were.

Their needs were simple. They just wanted to be allowed to sit down for a few hours without someone yelling at them! They loved a chance to sit back and watch TV in peace. They both had people they wanted to call so one got the home phone, one got the cell phone and they got in touch with family and friends.

They left with bellies full and seemed relaxed. It had been so easy to have them over, and Meredith and I really felt like we had given them a treat.

If you live near San Antonio, you could invite a troop for Thanksgiving. There is information here:


or call 671-5453, 671-5454 or 671-3701 on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I know this program is run in many cities where there is a large base. If you live near one, check it out!

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  1. Chris,

    Vince left for BMT on 10/17/2002

    On Thursday Nov 28, 2002 Thanksgiving,
    Vince and another airmen were invited to
    Thanksgiving dinner by an airmen on base
    and his wife. The couple had young children,
    maybe 2 or 3 of them.

    Vince had just turned 18 in August and this
    was his first ever holiday away from home.
    He graduated BMT on the very next day.
    My ex hubby attended the grad, but I did not.

    Anyway... Vince called me several times
    during the day. The family also shared their number in case we wanted to call HIM.

    It was an amazing experience for my son.

    During one call he said...

    "Ma, it feels AND SMELLS just like
    Grammy's house."

    After dinner he called again. I said,
    'I hope you pitched in and helped with
    the dishes' !!! (typical MOM talk)
    He said, yep ... we ate on GOOD disposable
    dishes." LOL

    I will forever be in debt to that couple. !!!

    Thanks Chris for sharing this AWESOME
    program, and for your hospitality to
    the airmen you hosted. !!!

    xo xo
    Deb in Ohio
    PAFM of SSgt. Vinny


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