20 February 2011

Trauma Czar in Bagram Afghanistan: Dr. Zonies

Just found this great article:


from DEC Washington Post about Dr. David Zonies. He's the trauma czar running the Air Force Hospital in Bagram Afghanistan. I got to work with him in San Antonio: he's an amazing surgeon. It's good to know our troops are in such capable hands!

(Picture Source: Washington Post)


  1. Hi Chris,

    That article was very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing it. All the research that can be done to save our troops is welcome. It was interesting to learn that so much study/research is already being done in theater. Hopefully it quickly makes a difference- both on the frontlines and at home.

  2. Thanks, Mainer, I'm incredibly impressed how much surgical advancement has come out of the war. It is a sad fact that war produces so much injuryh and suffering that the field of surgery advances whenever one comes along. Take care! Chris

  3. Hey Chris, my name's Jeff Condron and I'm a senior at Penn State. Just wanted to let you know that I will be attending your book signing tomorrow night and covering it for my journalism class. If you could please email me at jmc5356@gmail.com, I would love to set up an interview to learn more about your experiences. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and to hearing from you!


  4. I dreamed of the day when all the wars will be over. Now Libya is in danger for being attacked by the US again. I hope it really won't happen because I hate to see soldier bleeding for the "Love of God and Country". Thanks though we have expert doctors and great medical innovations.

  5. Jeff: great to meet with you, and thank you for the interest! Best of luck in your career.

    Healthy living: thank you for visiting! I agree with you 100% that the children of the world would be far better off if war never touched their lives again.

    Best wishes,



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