23 February 2011

Adam and Christy: biking through KS, MO, and AR!

Here's the latest from Adam and Christy's 50-state bike tour to raise money to help rehabilitate wounded veterans with specialized bikes:

GIVE A BIKE-50 State Bike-KS-MO-AR from Adam Coppola on Vimeo.

more at



  1. hey bro,

    Thanks so much for posting this!

    I am in Little Rock, AR. I'm staying with the son of the man who bought the Okemo place. He is in medical school down here and he is in the air about possible medical field specializations? I told him about you and he already knew of you from your book... He said he loved it. It was very cool... It was like he already knew you.

  2. Guys, you just keep on with your great work! We are so proud. C


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