05 March 2011

Important Made in America report!

Take a moment to check out this ABC story on the Usry family in Dallas. They let ABC news empty their house of any item not made in America. The result, a nearly empty home. Just about the only thing left was their kitchen sink. Even the girls "American Girl" dolls were made in China!

It took some researching and phone calls, but the team was able to re furnish their home 100% made in the USA. One of the toughest items to find? A coffee maker! The answer, a Bunnomatic.

As the report states, if every American spends just 33 dollars each year on products made in America, it will create over 100,000 new jobs!

Here is the report:



  1. Really? Well, American companies opt to import form China because there they will make more profits.

  2. DIY Health, thanks for dropping by. I agree, companies will get their goods produced in the cheapest labor markets possible, and often these markets have the lowest wages for workers and lax worker safety laws. If consumers in large groups alter their buying practices to increase demand for products produced in countries with strong labor laws, companies will follow.


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