14 November 2009

Voting supports the troops 18/365

This blog post is to tell you a simple, but very important way we can support troops.


The vote is one of our most precious rights. Soldiers have fought for us to preserve this right ever since there was a US constitution to defend. By voting, we are acknowledging the value of this gift.

Also, when picking your candidate, pay attention to how they have treated the troops in the past, and how they intend to support them. It's a good way to see who has their priorities straight. It matters to me when I know that a candidate has served themselves or has children who are serving. I know that they will have a personal experience to ground them as the consider whether it is really truly necessary to put those brave lives on the line.

I know voting has just passed this year, but as long as America is here, it will be coming around again! So honor veterans' sacrifice by voting.

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  1. Great post, Chris! Thanks for standing strong for our wonderful service personnel, who truly give us FREEDOM!


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